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Welcome to the Farm of Sunburst Growers Ltd.

Sunburst Growers has 2,220 acres of excellent land for sale near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The land is highly assessed in the moist dark brown soil zone made up mostly of Elstow-Clay and Elstow Silty Clay-Loam, which is some of the best classes of soils of this zone.

For Hutterite colonies, larger institutions or group buyers an additional 6,000 acres can be made available to create a single larger block of land. Most of the land is located within close vicinity of each other. The only yardsite available is the one offered by Sunburst Growers, however additional grain storage on some of the land may be available.

These lands produce high yields of a variety of crops most years since the clay base is able to retain sub-soil moisture longer into the growing season than lighter lands. In addition, these lands are in a good rainfall zone.

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